When Pictures are Priceless…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been obsessed with capturing my life through pictures. I tell myself that I could never forget certain moments or events, but the truth is, sometimes I only remember things because of a photograph. I love that being a photographer lets me create memories that will last forever, especially when those moments can never be recreated.


The loss of a fur baby does not compare to losing a family member or dear friend, but it is still devastating and heart breaking. Our Maggie girl was a beloved member of our family since 2001. I was home from college one Christmas when I made a Walmart run and came home with the cutest little puppy! A couple was giving away black labs in front of the store and I made the best mistake of picking one up and never putting her down!


Even grainy iphone and Instagram photos instantly become irreplaceable! Sometimes the best picture is the one you take… It could be the one you treasure for a lifetime.


Every picture reminds me of a “Maggie” story! She could not eat without snatching up her dog bowl, strutting into the other room, and walking around in circles first!


Maggie used to ride in the truck with my dad to take my brother to school every morning. Then, I’m pretty sure my dad took her to the convenient store for her daily breakfast hot dog…which could explain her full figure!


Thankfully, I have lots of pictures of our sweet girl! We will never be able to forget that cute face!


These pictures have now become irreplaceable… honestly, I will probably always tear up looking at this sweet face, BUT I am beyond thankful I have these priceless pictures to go with my memories.


Maggie just might have been my dad’s favorite!


I knew my sweet girl was sick, but I never dreamed this would have been my last hug… I am beyond grateful that I have a picture to remember it, even if tears stream down my face every time I look at it.


Take lots of pictures of the ones you love! If possible, get in the pictures with the ones you love, because those will always hold a special place in your heart! Photography is important. It makes our memories unforgettable and allows us to treasure our precious loved ones for a lifetime…pictures are priceless.

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