Summer Book Club


I’m so excited to announce that our Summer Book Club is officially here! My bff Katie and I have been starting clubs since first grade, so it’s only natural that we continue that tradition into our 30’s! We have been the only, exclusive members in the past, but we’d love for you join us this time! We will announce the first book of the summer here on Thursday! Get excited for the live book discussions each week on our private facebook group!

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Packing Tips


I love traveling back home to see my family, but I can get a little stressed about packing.  I hate that nagging feeling that I will forget something very important! Here a few tips that I follow to ensure that I successfully pack all that I need and can enjoy a stress free trip.

1. Make a list! I am obsessed with list making, so this is a must for me! Plus I love the satisfaction of checking things off! Remember all those special events or dinners that need a special outfit.  And most importantly, don’t forget all the chargers…it is super annoying to have to buy something you already have.

2. Try to have all your laundry clean and put away so you aren’t limited on your clothing options. I’ve been lazy before and regretted not having my favorite pair of jeans and t-shirt clean!

3. Roll clothes instead of folding them to save room and reduce wrinkles. I also like to stash my jewelry, which I keep in a small bag, rolled up with one of my shirts.

4. I’ve had to learn the hard way to keep any liquids in plastic baggies! Also, travels sizes are a must and can save valuable poundage for more clothes and shoes!

5. I am the ultimate procrastinator and usually stay up late packing into the wee hours the night before, but I’ve started setting aside throughout the week extra, random things that I know I don’t want to forget (gifts, itinerary, plane tickets, etc.).

6. Like 99% of the travelers, I have a black suitcase, so a luggage tag is a must! I need a cute customized one like this, but for now I just have a hot pink ribbon tied to mine!

I’m definitely not an expert traveler or packer, but I do learn a few new tricks with each flight. If  you have a great packing tip, I’d love to hear it!!

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