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I’m so excited to announce that Christmas minis are here! If you are anything like me, Christmas pictures and cards do not happen until the last minute…BUT not this year! Let’s plan a fabulous Christmas session for your family and check Christmas cards off of your growing to do list!

These sessions are booking fast and space is limited! Book via the contact tab!



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Why I love my Young Living Essential Oils

Marie Treat Photograpy_YLEO-1

I seriously can not contain my excitement anymore because I am obsessed with my new oils!! They are absolutely AMAZING!  I can’t even list all the ways I have used them in the past month! As I’m working towards creating a healthier lifestyle (slowly, but surely) and trying being more conscientious of what I put in and on my body, these oils were not even a question! After doing a little research, I found they are the purest grade essential oil available and are absolutely safe to use on babies! I have received tons of texts, calls, and messages asking what they were and how I was using them, so I thought I’d share just a few ways of how they have become an essential part of my life!


I add a drop of lemon to my water daily! It is so energizing that I can skip my daily cup of coffee!


My diffuser is honestly my new best friend! During the day I diffuse peppermint and joy or peace and calming. It helps me focus and creates an energized atmosphere! (I get a lot of questions about my diffuser…I just add water and several drops of my favorite oils and a magical water vapor mist disperses into the air…it’s ah-mazing)! Teachers, can you imagine how awesome peppermint and peace and calming would be in your classroom?!


At night, we must have our lavender and peace and calming diffusing! Before I started using my diffuser, I was waking up several times during the night and wasn’t able to fall back asleep. But with my diffuser going, I am sleeping through the whole night…heavenly! My hubby definitely appreciates it because I am not nearly as nice without a great night’s sleep! My friends with littles swear it is a lifesaver during nap and bed times as well!


This is my sweet, little guy Jack. He is deathly afraid of thunder and can feel a storm coming 10 miles away! He rocks a pink thunder vest because it’s his mom’s favorite color!

Even with his thunder vest, he still shakes like crazy and is terrified! I love that I can squirt his special “Thunder Juice” all over him to  help ease some of his anxiety! We noticed an immediate difference, plus he smelled amazing! Occasionally, I give myself a little spritz too!


I have also instantly treated a headache with 1 drop of peppermint on the roof of my mouth,  healed a huge blister on my hand with one drop of lavender, and Stress Away just stays by my side at all times!!


I love my chemical free hand sanitizer and insect repellant!! There are seriously a million ways to use these oils and avoid using over the counter medications or harmful chemicals in your house!


This is the awesome starter kit I ordered and I’m now IN LOVE with all things oily! I LOVE chatting about oils, so feel free to fill out the contact form or message me on facebook if you have questions or would like to order an oil or two using my discount! If you can’t wait to get started using your very own oils, you can get your starter kit HERE!  I can’t wait to hear how these oils have changed your life too!

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